We are the team of professionals. All our staff members are well qualified and have rich experience of more than 30 years in the field of accounting and taxation. We are providing the following services:

Accounting and Bookkeeping: We specialize in providing Accounting and bookkeeping services to small business owners. In addition, we advise the self-employed on startup situations. We will advise you on structuring and tax planning considerations during the start-up or acquisition phase. Our work is performed with due diligence and care. We will ensure that your business is provided with timely and relevant data to help you grow in the market.

Corporate Tax Preparation (T2 Returns): As a tax specialists, we provide corporate tax services in a number of areas including: manufacturing; research and development; transfer of property to a taxable Canadian corporation; section 85 rollovers; capital dividend account elections; corporate reorganizations; purchase or sale of a business; partnerships; death of a taxpayer; trusts; transfer of property among family members and other complex matters.

Personal Tax Preparation (T1 Returns): Our personal tax clients cover a variety of different tax issues including: income from employment; investment income; limited partnerships; rental income; business income; professional income; old age benefits; tax return amendments; objections and appeals; allowable employee expenses.

Business Registration or Companies Incorporation: If you have to register your business as an incorporation (Federal of Ontario), sole proprietorship or partnership, we can registered it for you online. We are certified NUANS members.

Compilations (Notice to Reader) Engagement: In a Compilation Engagement Report (previously known as Notice to Reader), the financial statements are compiled from information provided by management or owner in accordance with CSRS 4200. This report is not an audit engagement, thus we will not be performing any procedures to verify the accordance or completeness of the information provided by management. There are many users who have a vested interest in your financial statements, such as financial institutions, the federal and provincial government rely upon the financial information that has been prepared of your business. It is important that you choose the right Accountant for your business. We will ensure that your statements are accurate. As we all know, choosing the wrong Accountant can be a very expensive mistake.

Financial Management: We will assist you to formulate and formalize a business plan. We will prepare earnings and cash flow projections from your proposed ideas. A good financial management is a key to success of your business. We have a team of financial professionals, who are always at your service. Together we will meet with your banker or arrange contact with a bank if required.

Value-Added Services: We use a personalized approach, always available, ensure a prompt response and like to keeping in touch with clients on regular basis.

Other Services: